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The Longest Night

a service of remembrance and consolation.

Blue Christmas is a gentle, contemplative service for those who are carrying pain or loss during this season of celebration.

You are not alone.

hosted by Aldersgate United Methodist Church
with Pastor Kristi McGuire

All are welcome.

There is much on all our minds as we prepare for Christmas this year that may not be happy or joyful.

The lasting effects of the pandemic, the tragic plight of almost 90 million displaced people around the world, war in Ukraine and many other places, ever growing fears about climate change and its devastating impact on our planet, and our own personal tragedies of lost loved ones, illness in friends or relatives, and other losses mean that our hearts are grieving.

In 2022, we are certainly continuing to experience situations and difficulties like never before.
So why is it the norm to try to cover our pain and grief with Yuletide cheer?

Please join Aldersgate United Methodist Church for our Longest Night service, which honors the darkness that is also a part of life. We will give an opportunity and space to light a candle for loved ones who have passed, or whom are dealing with a time of darkness in their lives. Prayer will be available by request.

A live stream will be available for those who cannot attend in person.  Visit and introduce yourself to one of our online hosts.

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Map to our location: