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Dear Aldersgate & Friends of Aldersgate,

Happy New Year! I want to the Tech Team for their amazing support of four worship services during the week of Christmas. We met new people and had our first Filipino Christmas Service. This service led by Pastor Bennie Grace (JoJo) Nabua was our most engaging Livestream during Advent and Christmas! We are grateful for her participation and the fellowship of the families (mostly virtual). We hope to continue this as a ministry into the new year.

Our Aurora Lights Childcare Center will be closing earlier than expected on January 18th. I want to thank and recognize Barb and Charlie Mitchell for the thousands of hours that they have volunteered to provide affordable childcare to our community and to nurture families and staff with generosity, love, and grace. It has been such a successful endeavor and gift to Aldersgate UMC. As part of our strategic planning, we will be outlining goals for the use of our building in harmony with the ministry of our church. At this time, we do not plan to continue a childcare center in the church building because of the lack of staffing available in Juneau. We do plan to continue to engage and support children and families as we enter a new season of the church.

Susan Johnson has joined our music ministry and has quickly entered into a rhythm with Hannah and Bobbi. We welcome her back to Juneau and Aldersgate. We are still working on a rebirth of our adult choir (led by Susan) and a new youth choir (led by Missouri) and will keep you posted on those developments. If you are interested in participating in the adult choir, please join us at 9:15 am on Sunday, January 15th (before worship) for a quick meeting to get the singing started!

Grace & Peace,

Pastor Kristi