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Dear Aldersgate,

It is hard to believe that this is my last newsletter.

I want to thank you for six very interesting years. For me the first three years were the best, when I was able to serve full time at Aldersgate. I loved almost every minute of those first three years.

I especially have happy memories of making espresso coffee and baking scones in the church kitchen for those who wanted to come early to church on Sunday morning. From mystery dinners, to caroling in the snow, from Advent stars to hosting Forest Rangers for soup supper, and many hours of worship and prayer together, from working at the Glory Hall to playing, we had some wonderful and good times. Alas, many of those things that meant the most to me, and maybe to you as well, went to the wayside when we went to a 1/2 time appointment. That, followed by the pandemic, really put a damper on things. I have had to mourn what could have been as I have processed leaving and moving to a new appointment.

The losses of the past 3 years are why I am so happy that you will have a 3/4 time minister with Pastor Kristi. I firmly believe that going above 1/2 time will give the ministries at Aldersgate a tremendous boost. I am confident that this congregation will be a flourishing full time ministry before you know it!

Many of us had the opportunity to work with Pastor Kristi for the past few years with the youth programs and building our online worship. We know what an amazing pastor she is and are excited about the gifts and graces that she is bringing, as your new pastor, to this new era in ministry in the Mendenhall Valley.

Aldersgate has a strong and committed worship team with strong and gifted young adult leadership. Young adult leaders are a rare and beautiful thing these days in ministry settings. Welcoming these folks to the existing leadership of Aldersgate and supporting their new vision for us will surely make for a season of renewal and rebirth for our congregation.

Thank you for your partnership the past 6 years. I pray God’s abundant blessings on your ministry together in the years ahead.

Pastor Karen